Corporate Actions

A corporate action occurs when a company does something that affects its share capital or its bonds. For example, most companies pay dividends to their shareholders twice a year. Corporate actions can be classified into...

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Bond Duration

Duration is the change in the value of a bond from a % change in interest rates. There are three variations of Duration. Macaulay Duration Macaulay Duration, commonly known as Duration, is the time the...

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Bond Valuation

Bonds are long-term debt securities that corporations and government entities issue. Purchasers of bonds receive periodic interest payments, called coupon payments, until maturity, when they receive the bond's face value and the last coupon payment....

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Stock Selection

Choosing shares to buy and sell requires time, research, and analysis. However, if you invest time and keep an eye on the market and economy, shares can grow your wealth over time. Here are some...

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ESOP and Warrants

A warrant is a financial instrument that provides the holder of the warrant the right, not the obligation, to buy a company’s stock in the future at a predetermined price. Employee stock options and stock...

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Stock Split

A stock split involves issuing new shares without receiving additional cash. In a stock split, each share is split into a more significant number – for example, in a 2-for-1 split, each original share results...

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Rights Issue

A rights issue is an equity issue in which existing shareholders are allowed to subscribe for new shares based on, and in proportion to, the number of shares they already own, generally at a discount...

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Bonus Share

A bonus issue of shares, also known as a capitalization or scrip issue, is an issue of shares to existing company shareholders on a pro-rata basis with the shares they already hold. Instead of being...

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There is no certainty that investors will buy the shares and thus that the Company will get its money to make its acquisition or refinance. This may be because market conditions change or even because...

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Tracking Error

Tracking error measures how closely an investment portfolio follows the index to which it is benchmarked. Many portfolios are managed to a benchmark, usually an index such as the NSE 50, Bank Nifty, and Nifty...

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