International Banking

Business never stops in the global economy. Companies need banking services 24 hours a day on different continents. A large business company, for example, ABC Ltd., may need access to banking services in several continents...

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If you watch the news or read the paper, you've probably seen or read news reports about the unemployment rate. Sometimes the news reports are concerned about the increasing unemployment rate, and other times it's...

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Credit Factors

Access to credit to pay for education, a house, a car, or other items is integral to managing personal nances. Unfortunately, not all consumers can access the credit markets through mortgages, credit cards, auto loans,...

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National Income

National income is the sum of all payments which arise as a result of economic activity that is from the production of domestically owned goods and services. The incomes which make up national income, includes ...

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Interest Rate

An interest rate is the cost of borrowing or the gain from lending, usually expressed as an annual percentage rate; it is generally calculated by dividing the interest amount by the principal amount. Interest rates...

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Money Multiplier

The multiplier effect describes how an increase in one economic activity leads to a much more significant increase in economic output. For example, in the banking system, money that gets deposited multiplies as it filters...

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Economic Profit

How can you be sure that you make the best financial decision when evaluating whether to take a job or invest in a new business opportunity? Your friends might tell you to calculate the Profit...

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Capitalism is an economic system organized around private property principles, freedom of exchange, competitive markets, and limited government intervention. An economic system is a way that society structures how financial decisions will be made and...

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Digital Payment

As technology advances, so does the need for change. For example, with digital wallets, the world has begun to see a difference in how consumers make payments for various goods and services. Digital wallets are...

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Credit Card Fraud

Credit card skimming, also known as credit card cloning, is a type of fraud in which the perpetrator uses a skimmer or clone machine to copy the information from a credit or debit card's magnetic...

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